Power Flushing


Central Heating System Flushing

We offer a professional flushing service to remove blockages, sludge, noisy radiators & cold spots within your central heating system. Iron oxide (sludge) can build up in your radiators and will cause cold patches & radiator noise, this flushing service removes these debris in your system which will improve its efficiency and longevity. Some power flushing services force high pressure water through your central heating system potentially causing leaks & more damage. Our flushing service operates at the same pressure as your central heating system and collects dirt by disturbing the iron oxide in the system and collecting it through multiple filters.


What Do We Do?

  • Connect flushing kit & filters to your central heating system
  • Add a cleansing agent to the system
  • Turn on each radiator individually
  • Use a vibration tool on radiators to disturb debris within the system
  • Operate circulating pump to ensure all sludge is collection by the filtration system

After the process we will always add an inhibitor into the system to prevent internal corrosion, we can also install a magnetic cleaning filter permanently into your system which will pick up any magnetic & non magnetic debris.

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